Johor Shaman Scams Single Mum Out Of RM300K By 'Channelling' Deities & Predicting Tragedy

The woman was scammed of all her funds meant to go towards buying a new home for her family.

Cover image via Oriental Daily

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For three years, 40-year-old single mother Liang Xiu Ling fell victim to the schemes of a female shaman and lost an eye-watering RM316,803 in the process

According to Sin Chew Daily, Liang was initially introduced to the shaman by a friend in 2019 after issues cropped up within her family.

Desperate, she sought divine answers to the questions she had and the shaman agreed to help her.

In exchange, Liang was charged for various ritual expenses, such as offering money, new clothes, incense, and alms, among other items.  

"Every time I approached her for advice on my situation, the shaman would ask me for money in different ways, including a RM7,652 fee for an answer to my first question," Liang said.

"She told me that if I couldn't afford to pay it in one go, I could split the amount into separate instalments."

Image via Oriental Daily

"If I didn't pay, she warned me that my family's business wouldn't go well and my children would not live secure lives," Liang explained.

She said she feared the shaman's threatening tone and ended up using all the money she had earned while working in Singapore that was meant to go towards buying her family a new home in Malaysia.

When those funds were exhausted, Liang went so far as to take out a RM94,000 bank loan to pay the shaman. Now, the single mother is forced to repay the bank RM4,000 in monthly instalments.

Liang and another victim who was scammed out of RM1,500 reported the incident to authorities in Muar on 12 January.

The two then reached out to Simpang Renggam assemblyman Wei Zong Xian's community services team to hold a press conference and expose the female shaman.

Liang hopes that by speaking out, no one else will fall prey to the shaman's schemes, and that she might be able to recover some of the money she had lost.

Image via Oriental Daily

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