JPJ: Viral Post Showing Lorry Driver Getting Fined RM600 For Not Wearing Underwear Is Fake

The police has since taken action against the perpetrator who faked the summons.

Cover image via Free Malaysia Today & JPJ Negeri Sembilan/Facebook

The Negeri Sembilan Road Transport Department (JPJ) has issued a statement saying that a lorry driver who was allegedly fined RM600 for not wearing underwear is not true

JPJ issued the statement on 13 November following a viral post by a Facebook page 'Info Kemalangan 1Malaysia'.

The post, uploaded on 12 November, showed that the driver of a lorry bearing a Selangor number plate was fined RM600 for not wearing underwear and not changing worn out tyres.

"Lorry driver, make sure you are wearing underwear when you are at work," read the caption.

The viral post caused bewilderment among netizens

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Some wondered how not wearing an undergarment could be a traffic offence, while others asked how did the JPJ officers find out.

A few netizens also pointed out that a RM600 fine was too hefty for what appears to be a non-issue.

While the post has since been taken down, JPJ said that they are taking legal action against the perpetrator who faked the summons

JPJ director Azrin Borhan confirmed that summons were issued to a lorry driver at KM10 of Jalan Seremban-Port Dickson on Monday, 11 November, reported New Straits Times.

He, however, added that the viral post had edited the summons.

"The notice was to order the driver to replace the damaged tyres and he needs to bring the vehicle to JPJ for further inspection to avoid being summoned," he said.

"But we found out that the copy of the notice has been given additional offence which is not wearing underwear and for that he was slapped with a RM600 compound.

"It is not logical for us to issue summons for such an offence."

Azrin further clarified that the original summons was issued during the Ops Static road block and shared the original copy.

JPJ has since filed a report to the police to deny the allegation and avoid misunderstanding among the public

Azrin said this is the first time such an incident happened in Negeri Sembilan and he urged the public to reach out to the department first before falling victim to a lie, reported China Press.

He said the case has been brought to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for further investigation.

Meanwhile, did you know that you could be fined for these things?

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