This Pahang Driver Is The First To Get A Police Summon For Playing Pokémon GO

He was playing the game while he was driving his car.

Cover image via Sophia Kembowski/AFP/Getty Images via The Guardian

On 6 August, the day when Pokémon GO released in Malaysia, a 32-year-old man became the first person in Pahang to get a police summon for playing it while driving

He and his friends were going around Kuantan in his car in order to catch the Pocket Monsters and to track down locations with where the game characters appear.

While they were trying to catch Pokémons along a road in Kuantan, a traffic police on a motorcycle asked them to stop, reported Sin Chew Daily.

"When the traffic police officer saw our phones displaying the image of Pokémon GO and knew we were playing the game of catching the monsters, the officer couldn't resist laughing. We also laughed, but the police officer later continued to warn us that we cannot use mobile phones while driving and issued us this summons," he said.

For which, he was fined RM300. Pahang Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department Chief Mohd Noor Yusof Ali said he was stopped by cops while he was driving along Jalan Stadium at about 11am, reported NST.

"The summon was issued for the offence of using his handphone while driving. Incidentally, he was playing with Pokemon Go when he was flagged down by the traffic police," he said.
Image via NST

Pokémon GO was finally available for download in Malaysia on Saturday, a month after it was first released in the US:

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