Junior Chef At 5-Star Hotel Fired After He Was Caught Spitting Into Customer's Food

Netizens found that he had been posting a series of racist tweets online dating back to last December.

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An employee of a local hotel proudly shared on Twitter that he spits in customer's food

On 20 February, the man wrote on Twitter, "I have so much work. But the best part about my job is that I get to spit in Chinese people's food."

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His tweets garnered the attention of social media users who then shared it in an online forum. 

The man has since locked his Twitter account and made it private.

Netizens found that he had been posting a series of racist tweets online dating back to last December

Based on his profile, the man is a commis chef at Hugo's In The Sky at Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands.

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On 24 December, he posted a tweet that read, "Eat, oh non-believers."

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Meanwhile, on 27 January, he uploaded a video of the restaurant along with the caption, "All are Chinese. Damn it. Being worried is one thing, but being disgusted is another."

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In the most recent tweet posted on 24 February, he wrote, "Don't let Chinese people lead us. They're all stupid. They all eat pork. Do you want to eat pork?"

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The restaurant management told SAYS that the man has since been fired.

They also promise to take serious measures to avoid any such incident in the future.

In an official statement, Grand Ion Delemen Hotel Genting Highlands general manager Tee Yih Fung said, "The commis [chef] admitted that he made a personal and yet defamatory statement on his social media without deep thought and rational thinking."

He also added that food served at the restaurant is always supervised by the Executive Sous Chef before serving.

Several procedures have been reinforced to avoid any such incident in the future. This includes the immediate release of the employee from employment, recorded misconduct and profile for future employer's reference checking, CCTV surveillance and peer support for whistle-blowers and strict implementation of Food Safety Standards and Regulations in Malaysia.

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