Kayak Boat, IC, And Phone Belonging To Missing Kayakers Found Washed Up On Kuantan Shores

A total of 104 men are involved in the search.

Cover image via Shin Ming Daily News

A boat containing an IC and a yellow mobile phone belonging to two kayakers who went missing on 8 August have been found

Puah Geok Tin, 57, and Mr Tan Eng Soon, 62 - both of whom are Singaporeans - were kayaking around the Endau Islands when they drifted away from their group at 5.40pm on 8 August, due to strong winds and choppy waters.

The kayak was found on the Kuantan coastline, more than 200km from Mersing, Johor, where the pair had set off

The phone is said to belong to Tan, reported The Straits Times.

However, there is no sign of the two missing kayakers.

Madam Puah and Mr Tan before they departed on their journey.

Image via Shin Min Daily News

As of 12 August, a total of four helicopters, one aeroplane, two ships including one from the Royal Malaysian Navy, and five boats are deployed in the operation

According to The Straits Times, a total of 104 men are have been deployed for the search and rescue (SAR) operation.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) director for Johor, First Admiral Aminuddin Abdul Rashid told New Straits Times, "The local fishermen and members of the public are also assisting the search operation."

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Most recently, Puah's daughter made an Instagram post pleading the government of Malaysia to open up their waters to the Singaporean navy

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Dear Mummy, everyone is praying for you, everyone is waiting for you to come back. Please come back to us safely, there are so many unsaid words and so many more things in my life I want to share with you. I am waiting, we are waiting. I love you. As the time ticks by, it frustrates me on how much I can do to find my mother. On 080819 1730hrs my Mummy and Mr Tan drifted away from the canoe expedition group because of strong currents. It has been 72 hours since she is missing out in the open water in Malaysia, and we still are not able to bring in any Singapore forces to help with the search. On top of it, is definitely not comforting knowing that is a holiday in Malaysia, and everyone is out celebrating, can there be more people going out for the rescue? I'm very thankful for the people that are helping despite it being a holiday, but i know more can be done! My family and I will definitely feel more assured if we have Singapore forces coming down to help with the search. It is always better to have more help when it comes to Search and Rescue mission right? Even approval for just 2 other private boats to help for the search took such excruciating time. Is the Malaysian pride that "I must find it myself, since is happening on my ground" getting in the way? Why can't approval be process faster for Singapore forces to come in and help? My brother is in the Singapore Armed Forces and he serves proudly. We understand there are restraints from higher authorities, but in times of emergency, there’s sure ways to push for things to go faster? We totally trust the Singapore Forces and We believe Singaporean are always ready to help anyone in need. We just celebrated Singapore 54th Birthday, and we personally see how strong the bonds of Singaporeans are. I hope that Singapore will fight hard to search for my Mummy and Mr Tan in this Search & Rescue mission. I hope this can reach out to the appropriate Authorities / the Singapore Authorities that can help, and also hope Malaysia can open up for Singapore to come in with the Search & Rescue. The people here are doing whatever they can but we are short handed. Continue in comment..

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Rashid has said that Malaysia has the full ability to conduct SAR within its own waters and hence does not need assistance from neighbouring countries, reported The Straits Times.

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