Kedah School Uses Facial Recognition System To Make Sure Students Don't 'Ponteng' Class

Teachers are able to report if any children went missing before the end of the day.

Cover image via beritaharian & Noorazura Abdul Rahman/Harian Metro

A school in Kedah has left no chances for students to skip class by implementing a facial recognition system to mark attendance

SMK Tunku Abdul Aziz in Simpang Empat, Alor Setar is the first school in Kedah to have implemented the system on 27 August.

The school has five devices in total: four thumbprint scanners and one facial recognition device

The school's principal Nur'asikin Othman told Harian Metro that the device was launched as an alternative to the thumbprint scanners.

"There were some students and teachers who were facing problems where the machine could not read their fingerprints," she said.

"So this facial scanner is more effective because users just have to stand in front of the machine to scan the face."

Image via Utusan

According to her, the devices have reduced the number of students skipping class because teachers are able to report into the system if they notice children missing before the end of the day

"The report will also be received by me and the teachers sooner and later," she added.

The system is also connected to 'Pepatih MySekolah' - an application that records students' attendance and disciplinary issues.

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In recent years, Sunway Uni, AirAsia, and police in Penang also began using the facial recognition system:

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