"I Was Shocked" – Kedah Woman Delivers Her Second Child Not Knowing She Was Pregnant

The woman claimed she had a regular menstrual cycle and had been taking birth control pills for a year.

Cover image via Utusan Malaysia & Harian Metro

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A woman in Kedah was shocked when she unexpectedly delivered a baby as she was unaware that she had been pregnant

The housewife, Nur Atiqah Mustafa, 24, said she did not experience any pregnancy symptoms and had never missed her menstruation cycles, reported Harian Metro.

Nur Atiqah, or Eyka, had also taken birth control pills since the birth of her first son last year.

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Eyka said that she and her husband, Amirul Azizan, 26, had no idea the pain she felt in her stomach on October 18 would result in the birth of her second child, Raiqa Hanania

"On the night of 18 October, my stomach began to hurt while lying on the sofa at home. It was still tolerable that night, but the pain worsened on the early morning of 19 October," said Eyka.

At first, Eyka thought she was only constipated, but when the pain became more intolerable, she started screaming and calling for her husband.

"I started pushing three times until my husband saw a baby's head. He was surprised, but he immediately welcomed our newborn baby," said Eyka.

Raiqa was born at 8.45am and was taken by ambulance to Hospital Tuanku Fauziah in Kangar with her mother to receive proper care.

Image via Harian Metro

While she was overjoyed with the birth of her second child, Eyka was perplexed that she had been pregnant all along

Eyka stated that she did not experience any symptoms during her newborn's pregnancy, in contrast to the first time she was pregnant, in which she felt nauseous.

"I also ate like normal and did not have a proper pregnancy diet because I didn't know I was pregnant at the time," she said.

Meanwhile, Amirul stated that his baby was born in normal conditions and weighed 3.7kg.

"When the baby was born, I calmly picked her up and patted her on the back. She began to cry, and I immediately recited the iqamat (the second call to Islamic Prayer) on my baby's ear," said Amirul.

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