Kelantan City Council Fines Woman For Wearing "Indecent" Shorts In Her Own Clothing Store

The compound notice read, "The non-Muslim business owner is dressed indecently in a T-shirt and shorts up to her backside."

Cover image via Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu Bandar Raya Islam (Facebook) & Nanyang Siang Pau

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A woman business owner in Kelantan was issued a compound notice for wearing shorts that were considered "indecent" by the city council on Sunday, 25 June

According to Nanyang Siang Pau, the woman had complained on Facebook about receiving the fine while wearing the shorts at her own business premises, which sparked anger among netizens.

The 35-year-old clothing store owner also posted a photo of herself holding the compound notice up while dressed in a black T-shirt and blue shorts.

However, the Kota Bharu City Council (MPKB) has since defended its decision to fine the non-Muslim woman over her clothing

In a statement on Monday, 26 June, MPKB president Rosnazli Amin said that the woman was wearing a different outfit from the one she posted on Facebook when the officers had issued her the compound.

In a series of photos posted on the official MPKB Facebook page, it can be seen that the woman was clad in an oversized pink T-shirt that covered her shorts, while an enforcement officer can be seen standing at the entrance of her boutique.

The compound notice was also shared online, where the alleged offence read, "The non-Muslim business owner is dressed indecently (in a T-shirt and shorts up to her backside)."

The offence was named under 34(2)(b) of the Business and Industrial Trade By-Laws 2019, which states that non-Muslim business owners and their non-Muslim employees must wear "decent clothes", and if they are Muslim, to wear clothes that cover their aurat.

According to the compound notice, the woman has seven days to settle the amount or face legal action.

However, the fined issued to the woman was not determined.

Image via Facebook

Federation of Chinese Associations in Kelantan president Oie Poh Choon has also urged female business owners to dress modestly

However, he criticised the city council for issuing a fine against the woman without first providing a warning.

"Kelantan is under an Islamic government. Although (non-Muslims) have freedoms, there should be mutual respect for different cultures and traditions," he said, according to Nanyang Siang Pau.

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