"It's Ridiculous" – Woman Barred From Entering Kajang Police Station For Wearing Shorts

After much back and forth, the woman finally asked her sister to send over a pair of long pants for her to change into.

Cover image via Polis Daerah Kajang (Facebook) & Free Malaysia Today

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What was supposed to be a straightforward visit to the police station turned into an ordeal for a woman in Selangor, when she was denied entry at the Kajang district police headquarters over her "unsuitable" attire

According to Free Malaysia Today, the woman, referred to as Karen, told reporters that she visited the Kajang district police headquarters at approximately 10.30am on Monday, 30 January, to lodge a police report concerning a car accident.

When driving into the station, an officer denied her entry at the main entrance, with the reason being that she was not dressed "appropriately".

Karen claimed that she was wearing Bermuda shorts at the time and that it covered her knees. She also said that she would have to travel some distance if she were to return home and change.

She shared a picture of what her "inappropriate shorts" looked like to reporters.

Despite her reasoning, the officer did not budge and told her that rules are rules. He also disagreed with Karen and said that her pants fell above her knees.

"He told me he didn't care and that even ministers wouldn't be allowed entry (if they were dressed that way)," Karen said.

The picture of the pants Karen shared to reporters, which she claimed she wore to the police station.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

Earlier, Karen was met with an accident in Batu Sembilan, Cheras, involving a truck, on Sunday morning, 29 January

She initially went to the Batu Sembilan police station with the truck driver to lodge a report but was directed to the Kajang station instead.

Karen claimed that police officers at the Batu Sembilan station had no issue with her attire and no one denied her entry there.

"If there was such a rule (shorts not allowed), then somebody would have told me at the first police station. It makes no sense," she lamented.

In the end, Karen decided to bite the bullet and call her sister to bring her a pair of long pants

She was finally allowed into the police station after changing.

Unsatisfied with the outcome, Karen asked the officer who denied her entry for his badge number and name so that she could file a formal complaint.

However, the officer denied her request.

Kajang district police headquarters.

Image via Balai Polis Kajang (Facebook)

Kajang district police chief ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan has released a statement on the police station's official Facebook page pertaining to Karen's case

In the statement, Zaid claimed that the officer had informed Karen of the dress code upheld at the Kajang station, and advised her to change her attire in a respectful manner.

However, Karen refused to listen to orders and allegedly provoked the officer.

Zaid also addressed the photo of what Karen claimed she initially wore to the police station.

The police chief said that she only wore those appropriate pants after she was instructed to do so.

He added that the Kajang district police headquarters deals with approximately 300 people per day, and so far, no one has had issues with the dress code.

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