Man Builds Shed In The Middle Of A Road To Park His Van & M'sians Are Stunned

The council was taken aback by the man's odd decision to build himself a parking lot on a road.

Cover image via Majlis Bandaraya Kuantan (Facebook)

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The Kuantan City Council discovered a man-made shed built in the middle of a neighbourhood road specially for a van in Kuantan, Pahang, on 29 January

According to Kuantan's City Council's recent Facebook post, the council had discovered the shed in the middle of the road in Seri Mahkota.

A notice for immediate removal was issued by the council and failure from the owner to comply will result in enforcement actions by the council.

The Facebook post has since garnered over 1,300 reactions and netizens were just as baffled as the city council by the car owner's choice of location

Some people were amazed at the man's bold decision, saying, "He is on a different level from other drivers."

One even stated, "This is the work of a mad man."

A user even went as far to joke that: "He should just build a house there, complete with a sleeping place. That way, if he were to get run over tomorrow morning, he wouldn't feel a thing because he'd be dead asleep."

Meanwhile, many others criticised the man's lack of concern for the safety of road users

"Why don't you just build that shelter on the highway... Selfish," opined a user.

One user even shared their own experience with a similar incident in the same neighbourhood, when they allegedly reported a man-made dog kennel built in the middle of the road.

"At Mahkota Aman, there are even dog kennels being built on the road. Doesn't (the city council) want to take action? I helped report the incident but it was me who was threatened and asked about," claimed the user who said his anonymity as a complainant was not respected.

In 2021, a man also received a warning for building 11 speed bumps on a commonly-used road beside his home:

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