M'sians Outraged At Influencer Who Used K-Slur Against Indians During A R Rahman Concert

The woman used the k-slur, which is commonly used to degrade Indians in Southeast Asia, to complain that the songs are making her "dizzy".

Cover image via EastMojo & @fatinamyralee (Instagram)/Twitter

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A woman came under fire from Malaysians after a clip of her using a racial slur against Indians at A R Rahman's concert held on Saturday, 28 January, went viral

According to New Straits Times, the sold-out concert, Secret of Success: Live in Malaysia 2023, saw over 60,000 attendees. Among the multiracial concert-goers were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim himself, along with his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

Malaysian songstress Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza even received a standing ovation for her rendition of a Tamil song titled Munbe Vaa, proclaiming that she was honoured to share the stage with the Indian musical legend.

However, the woman, named Fatin Amyra Lee, was decidedly less enthusiastic about the affair.

In a now-removed Instagram Story, it showed Fatin filming herself at the concert and in caption using the k-slur, to complain that the songs being performed are making her "dizzy".

"These k----g songs are making me dizzy. I want Hindustani songs, please. Just waiting for Tokti (Siti Nurhaliza) now," she wrote, posting the story for her 118,000 Instagram followers to see.

The word is used by non-Indians to degrade Indians and make them feel like outcasts, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Many netizens who saw the clip were furious, voicing their anger over her casual use of an offensive slur in the comments section

One user was appalled that the woman would be audacious enough to use the 'K' word during A R Rahman's concert.

"It's saddening to see a woman like this. She has a beautiful face but her morals are on the soles of her feet. How embarrassing," another user opined.

"Why do racist people like this get to go to that concert? It would be good if I could've gone. I would've enjoyed it with everyone," one person wrote.

A user even said that the racially insensitive Instagram Story almost ruined the sentiments of cross-cultural understanding behind Nurhaliza's performance, adding that Fatina was not a 'real' fan of the Malaysian songstress.

They also lamented that despite how much the world has progressed, one is still still vulnerable to racial abuse, regardless of their status.

Shortly thereafter, the woman issued a public apology for her racist remark

She claimed that she was overwhelmed because it was the first huge concert she had been to.

"I forgot that common sense that should have dictated my words and writing," she said. 

Fatina also apologised to the Indian community.

"I want to call upon all Malaysians to respect those of other races because we all need each other at the end of the day."

In a separate case, a national hockey player recently came under fire for her racist comment against Malaysian Indians in an Instagram post about A R Rahman's concert:

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