Netizens Praise Woman Who Gave A Free Fan To An OKU Pak Cik With Not Enough Money

"I'm so thankful that God brought this pak cik to my shop."

Cover image via Effa Asyifa (Facebook) & Doktor Kipas (Facebook)

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A kind shop owner in Penang willingly gave an electrical fan to an elderly person with disabilities (OKU) after realising he did not have enough money to pay for it

Effa Asyifa, the owner of Dr Kipas — an electrical fan shop in Seberang Perai — shared about her encounter with him on her personal Facebook page last Monday, 24 May.

She wrote how she was initially surprised to see a familiar face walk in just as she was about to close the shop.

"I thought I recognised this old man from afar... This was the pak cik who went viral on social media a while ago for selling chilli!" wrote Effa.

She knew he lived nearby but never had the chance of meeting him.

"I also knew he was an OKU. So, I tried not to show that I was sad about that in front of him," she said.

Effa working at her fan shop in Seberang Perai, Penang.

Image via Doktor Kipas (Facebook)

According to Effa, the pak cik wanted to purchase a good fan because the weather had been really hot

"I didn't ask how much his budget was when I told him the price of the fan he wanted," she elaborated to Malay Mail.

But she quickly realised from the way that he was counting the money in his wallet that he did not have enough to pay for it.

Without hesitation, she offered to give the fan to him for free.

"When I told him that the fan was free, he teared up as he was so thankful," she said.

"Initially, he said that he would come back to the shop once he had enough money, but I refused and told him to take it for free."

Effa then helped the man load the fan onto his motorcycle

"I was so determined to not drop a single tear in front of pak cik. However, I failed when his prosthetic leg came off while he was trying to start his engine," she said, adding that she quickly ran over to help fix his leg back on.

She wrote that she was emotional because she looked up to him.

"He sells his plants every day and rides a motorcycle everywhere despite his disability. I'm so thankful that God brought this pak cik to my shop. He's such a great human being in my eyes," she said.

Effa's story has since been shared by many local news pages on Facebook, with many netizens thanking her for the kind deed

A post by Penang Kini has garnered over 10,000 likes and nearly 500 shares.

"Thumbs up! Alhamdulillah, there are still people with pure hearts," said a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

A netizen said, "We Malaysians have great humanity. Congratulations. Let's keep helping those who need it."

Image via Facebook

Another netizen said, "We are crying too. Physically disabled but works hard and doesn't complain. I hope Allah blesses this pak cik and the people who help him with all the livelihood of the world. I repent."

Image via Facebook

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