KK Mart Cashier Praised For Returning Customer's Wallet After She Left It Behind

The customer only realised her mistake after arriving home.

Cover image via FMT & KK Super Mart (Facebook)

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On Sunday, 7 April, a woman stopped by KK Super Mart's Lucky Garden outlet in Bangsar to purchase a bottle of water.

She paid the cashier but left her wallet on the cash counter.

She said she was reorganising her purchases while waiting at the payment counter.

According to FMT, the woman, Nirmala Ramoo, handed over the bottle of water and money to the cashier.

"When the cashier gave me my change, I left," FMT quoted Nirmala as saying.

She had not realised that she left her wallet behind until she reached home about 30 minutes later.

A panicked Nirmala rushed back to the store in hopes of retrieving her wallet

However, she found that a different cashier was manning the counter, reported FMT.

Nirmala explained her situation to the cashier that she might have left her wallet behind.

To her surprise, the cashier explained to Nirmala that the cashier before her had found a wallet and had stored it safely until the owner returned.

Nirmala was asked to describe her wallet and its contents to ensure she was the rightful owner.

Once the cashier was satisfied, she returned the wallet to her.

While Nirmala was filled with gratitude, for the staff at KK Super Mart, returning lost items was simply part of their job

According to KK Super Mart's customer service manager Nur Shaqira Mozni, honesty and customer focus are core company values, reported FMT.

Nirmala, however, feels that she should have rewarded the staff for their honesty.

"I was in such a rush that it didn't occur to me then," she added.

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