KL Gym Accused Of Cyberbullying A Woman Shares Their "Side Of The Story"

In a public statement, the gym listed down criteria such as "honesty, dedication, integrity, and hardworking" under which they accept students to train. The woman, the gym claimed, "did not meet most of our criteria".

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Over the week, there was an incident involving a woman and a local gym in which the gym was accused of bullying and shaming the woman after she enquired about its free weight loss programme

We reported about the incident via the woman's public posts that she had made on her social media accounts. Meanwhile, our attempts to reach out to the gym for comments were ignored.

When we published our story on Friday evening, we had yet to receive a response from them.

However, the gym has since taken to its Instagram account to issue a public statement, offering their "deepest and sincerest apology" the victim and all their followers as well as the public.

In the statement, the gym described the day of the incident as "grim" for them and wished that they could change a few things

"After sleeping on it and waking up this morning, we had time to ponder upon the things that have happened," it wrote while blaming the incident on "misunderstandings that transpired between" them

The gym said that their "poor choices of words" have hurt the woman and that they "understand the frustrations that she may have had and for that, we once again humbly apologise".

For what's worth, the gym's owner admitted that they could have reacted better.

We hope that we could settle this matter between us personally and find common ground.

The gym said they would like to share their side of the story too

"During the 21 May 2020, when we received the inquiry, we were never informed that such interest was actually to be part of our Extreme Weight Loss Challenge program. The interest addressed was for a minimal payment in consideration to be the face of Fitness Champ for marketing purposes which is something we don't offer at the moment," read the public statement.

The gym then went on to explain that they value their students' health and that they may be selective in who they accept to train under their criteria because they give their everything.

While listing down their criteria for accepting students, the gym then went on to claim that the woman did not meet most of them

"Some of the criteria that we look for in a student are honesty, dedication, integrity, and hardworking," the gym said, adding "After some deliberations, we find that she did not meet most of our criteria."

There is a lot to unpack in the gym's statement, but for now, we will leave you with this: while offering their apology to the victim, they also label her as someone who is dishonest and has no integrity.

They, however, noted that they "could have handled our words better".

"We wholly admit our mistakes and realise we have many more areas in ourselves that we need to improve therefore we pray that she as well as anyone who's affected by this situation can accept our mistakes."

SAYS had not shared the gym's name earlier, but since they have made a public statement, we are attaching their post here:

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Prior to this, a 20-year-old woman from Penang was found dead at her home. She was said to be a victim of cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying, which includes body shaming, is a punishable offence:

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