"Stressed" KL Man Repeatedly Punches Woman In The Face For Honking At Him

He was fined RM2,000 after being charged in court.

Cover image via SnOw Kwong (Facebook)

A 58-year-old man was fined for assaulting a woman because she honked at him in Desa Petaling on Wednesday, 16 December

Cheras district police chief ACP Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon told New Straits Times that they received a report from the victim on 16 December.

The 27-year-old victim was attacked by the suspect at a condominium parking area around 8pm.

"The case is believed to have stemmed from a misunderstanding between the victim and the suspect," Mohamed Mokhsein said.

The victim then shared the encounter on her Facebook, which has since gone viral

In her Facebook post, she wanted to drive into the car park but was blocked by the suspect's car. She waited for a few minutes before honking at the car.

The suspect then angrily confronted her, asking if she was the one who honked at him.

After she admitted it, he grabbed her hair and repeatedly punched her in the head and face. Her mouth and gums bled as she is wearing braces.

The victim's father quickly rushed to the scene while she called the police.

A security guard apprehended the suspect who had a knife tucked behind his back

The victim said that the suspect tried to attack her again but was held back by his two sons. He threw away the knife when the police arrived.

After she went home, her mother informed her that the suspect's sons had apologised and pleaded to not press charges against their father as he was stressed.

The suspect was arrested and charged in court on Thursday, 17 December

He was taken to the Salak Selatan Baru police station while the victim submitted a report there. She also went to the Cheras district police headquarters to have her statement taken.

ACP Mohamed Mokhsein said the suspect was fined RM2,000 under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt.

Watch a video of the incident here:

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