KL Woman's Order Of "Chicken Invasion" Burger Came With Raw Chicken At This Cinema

The incident happened they she had gone to watch 'Avengers: Endgame'.

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On 25 May, a woman by the name of Pauline reached out to SAYS about an unappetising experience she and her friends had while watching 'Avengers: Endgame' at GSC Signature recently

Pauline told SAYS that her friends and she had gone to watch the latest Avengers movie at GSC Signature, The Gardens Mid Valley recently.

"My friend ordered the "Chicken Invasion" burger which was subsequently delivered into the cinema (a service they provide at GSC Signature). Because it was dark, as all cinemas are, she ate half the burger to only realise something was off," Pauline said.

"She looked at it with the flashlight on her phone and was absolutely disgusted," she told us, explaining that the burger came with raw chicken inside.

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According to Pauline, while she understands that sometimes mistakes can happen, large corporations shouldn't be able to get away with how they handle situations like these

She claims that when her friend went to inform the staff at the counter, the guy said that he can only refund the burger and cannot refund the drinks and fries.

"The following Monday, I gave GSC a call, after the first call to the office and telling them the whole story, they told me to call another number. After calling that number the lady flatly told me to send them an email. It took them a week for someone to call," Pauline told us, adding that GSC offered a 30% discount off the next burger.

However, the issue wasn't resolved as she rejected their offer

Once she rejected their offer of a 30% discount, they then offered her 50% off.

"After I rejected that again she offered two free burgers, even though I had already explicitly told them we were not interested in any of their burgers," Pauline said.

Image via Pauline/SAYS

Pauline told SAYS that she emailed the GSC management again to tell them that "they were not handling this situation properly and that they evidently did not understand the gravity of the situation"

"I also requested to speak to someone else. I still haven’t gotten a reply and it’s been another week," she wrote in her email to SAYS.

According to her, she and her friends have given GSC "a fair chance and sufficient time" (two weeks) to deal with this situation before she decided to make it public.

Meanwhile, GSC released a statement to SAYS, saying they are in touch with the customer since she discovered the raw patty

"The incident was the result of cooking inexperience by a staff member, which led to the food being ill-prepared," a GSC spokesperson told us.

According to the spokesperson, GSC has since "reimbursed the customer in full on the day the report was lodged and also offered the customer medical compensation" if any.

"However, discussions are still ongoing with the customer, as she is expecting additional compensation for other grievances."

Following the statement from GSC, Pauline took to her Facebook to say that they "don't want anything further from GSC"

However, she explained why she decided to go public with the issue, saying that it to let people know about the poor way they have handled this situation.

"Was the raw chicken bad? Yes, but people make mistakes and we understand that. But to deal with this situation the way they have was beyond ridiculous which is why I waited two weeks for them to give me a decent response before posting this."

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