Watch How This German Cop Shamed Drivers For Trying To Take Photos Of An Accident Victim

The police officer has since been praised for his "unique" method.

Cover image via BR24

Earlier on Tuesday, 21 May, a 47-year-old truck driver died in an accident on the Autobahn 6 motorway, Bavaria. Following which, a German police officer was seen shaming other drivers who were trying to take pictures of the accident victim by confronting them.

The police officer, Stefan Pfeiffer, confronted the "accident gawkers" who were either filming or taking photos of the victim in the road accident near Nuremberg.

In a video captured by broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, he persuades a driver:

"Come on, I'll show you something ... Do you want to see the dead people - make pictures? There he is, he's lying there, do you want to see him?

No, you don't want to see him? Then why do you make pictures?"

Stefan is then seen telling the embarrassed men, "Shame on you," and handing a 128.50 euros (RM604) fine for taking unauthorised photos of a crash scene in Germany.

Image via BR24

The officer actually intends to take the "accident gawkers" to where the body is laying so they can take as many pictures as they want, as he later explains in the video. However, each of them declines.

The video also shows the officer talking to another driver who had slowed down to view the accident, telling him: "Look at him. He comes from Hungary – the same as you. You want to take pictures?" To which, the man replies, saying he is "sorry."

Image via BR24

In the video, which was uploaded on Twitter by BR24 on 22 May, the police officer's method of illustrating the "bitter reality" of road deaths may come across as rude to some, but it holds a mirror to those who are fascinated by road accidents as if it's entertainment

The officer told the BR24 that taking such drastic action would be more likely to actually prevent drivers from doing the same thing again than simply imposing a fine.

"For us, it is a chance to confront people about their behaviour.

"If we just make them pay 128.50 Euro (RM604) and send them off again I'm pretty sure they won't learn anything. I think they have to realise what they’re actually doing.

"And we notice that this direct confrontation shocks the people and they realise that this is not a game but bitter reality," Stefan explains to BR24.

Watch the video here:

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