KL Doctors Find Forceps Inside A New Mum's Abdomen After Complaints About Stomach Pain

The discovery was made 17 days after her C-section.

Cover image via Pa&Ma & Yunus Susek (Provided to SAYS)

Following a caesarean delivery (C-section) at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, a woman started to experience symptoms such as nausea and severe pain in her stomach

The woman is a 29-year-old who had given birth on 9 January. Two days after she was released from the hospital, she began to notice a sharp pain in her left abdomen.

The sensation was particularly heightened especially when moving or changing body positions. It also caused her to vomit frequently.

When she informed the hospital of her condition, they assured that these are common side effects of a C-section.

Worried about her health, the woman then decided to get a second opinion.

To her surprise, doctors at a different hospital found that a pair of surgical artery forceps had been left behind inside her abdomen.

The discovery was made on 26 January, over two weeks since her C-section.

While still in recovery from her recent delivery, the new mother was forced to undergo another emergency surgery to remove the forceps.

Actual radiograph of the woman's abdomen.

Image via Yunus Susek (Provided to SAYS)

Citing medical negligence, the victim decided to take legal action against the doctor and their team that performed the C-section on her

The mother was represented by lawyers Tisya Yunus and Aloysius Cornelius Susek. They told SAYS that although all medical practitioners are bound by their code of ethics and professionalism, human errors still occur and cases of medical negligence are fairly common in varying degrees.

"Nonetheless, human error does not excuse the negligence committed," they added.

According to Tisya Yunus, in the end, the parties involved decided on a settlement outside of court.

SAYS has reached out to the hospital in question but they have yet to issue a statement.

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