Klang Has 960 Dengue Cases In 2019 And January Isn't Even Over Yet

The number of dengue cases is nearly 4.7 times of what was recorded in the corresponding period last year.

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Klang Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Santiago revealed yesterday, 16 January, that 960 dengue cases have been recorded in his constituency since the beginning of January

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"Early this year alone, Klang recorded the second highest number of dengue cases in Selangor with one fatal case," Charles was quoted as saying by Bernama.

The MP spoke to reporters after visiting the Klang District Health Office (PKD) yesterday.

According to Charles, the number of dengue cases so far is nearly 4.7 times more than what was recorded in the corresponding period last year

The 960 cases are a massive increase from the 203 cases recorded in the same time last year.

Moreover, a woman and a teenager at the Sri Bahtera Flats in Pulah Indah, Klang have died from dengue since December 2018. 

The Klang MP also warned local residents of the lack of caution for dengue prevention

He claimed that the public's lack of concern led to the increase in dengue cases, despite fogging and public health campaigns held by the authorities.

"It is observed that people do not focus much on the level of cleanliness in their homes and surroundings," Charles said, according to Bernama.

"Sometimes they think their homes are clean, but they forget about the clogged drains and water trapped in containers which are breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquitoes," he added. 

The MP also advised residents to cooperate Klang PD staff who conduct regular checks in the affected areas. 

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Charles added that he will offer incentives to local cleaning contractors to identify potential mosquito breeding grounds

Bernama reported that he will be meeting the Klang Munucipal Council (MPK) soon to do so.

Meanwhile, Klang District Health Officer Dr. Masitah Mohamed reminded dengue patients to stay away from public areas to prevent the spread of the virus. Mosquito coils or bug repellent sprays should also be consistently used in the house.

Meanwhile, the University of Nottingham Malaysia has been conducting a research on using papaya leaves to cure dengue:

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