Kota Belud Father Forced To Drop His Son From 2nd Floor To Save Him From House Fire

The house was almost completely destroyed in the fire.

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On Saturday, 14 April, a family of 18 people trapped in a house fire in Kampung Piasau, Kota Belud, managed to escape to safety

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However, at least two of the family members - a 28-year-old father and his three-year-old son trapped on the second floor - would have perished in the house fire had the father not taken extreme steps

His family members, who had managed to escape and had gathered outside the house, were calling out to the 28-year-old father, identified by his first name Wilson.

Wilson, who found himself and his son trapped on the second floor of their house, which was engulfed in flames, was then forced to take some extreme measures.

Left with no choice, and with encouragement from his family members, Wilson had to drop his son from the second-floor balcony

The extreme measure paid off as the boy landed safely in the arms of his relatives on the ground. Following which, Wilson leapt to safety, reported NST Online.

While their two-storey house was completely destroyed in the fire, along with all their belongings, which included a Modenas Kriss 110 motorcycle and RM4,500 in cash, the entire 18-member family is safe, and temporarily staying at their neighbour's place.

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It took a team of 10 firefighters in two fire engines an hour to control the fire, according to the District Fire and Rescue station chief

Chief Rozlan Osman said that the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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In other news, a 36-year-old is trapped in the transit section of Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) for over a month now:

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