Family Leaves OKU Mum By Roadside In Kuala Langat With Bag Of Clothes And Diapers

The woman, who has an amputated leg and was left in a wheelchair, said she still wishes the best for her child.

Cover image via Lembaga Zakat Selangor (Facebook)

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Selangor Zakat Board officials found an elderly woman abandoned by her family by the roadside in Kuala Langat

On Sunday, 21 February, they wrote on their Facebook page, "We received information from the public that an elderly woman on a wheelchair was found alone by the road with diapers and a bag of clothes."

"The Selangor Zakat Board Saidina Umar Squad, along with the Kuala Langat district distribution operations head, met with the woman around 8.30pm yesterday."

Checks found that the woman still has living family members.

However, they did not cooperate when contacted and gave many excuses when asked to take the woman home.

"Efforts to contact her family were made but we did not get them to cooperate when not a single family member was willing to take her home and gave many excuses," the post explained.

"She has an amputated leg as well as bad memory. Due to her condition, we decided to hand her over to the police. Police used their power to contact her child and negotiated using their expertise. The child then agreed to come to the police station to bring the woman home."

"However, around 3am, the child decided that they could not take care of the mother anymore and the police were forced to contact a nursing home. Staff members came to pick up the woman in an ambulance and took her to the hospital for health checks and COVID-19 screening."

Despite it all, the woman still wished the best for her child.

"I haven't seen my child in a long time, they're a nice person," she said.

The Selangor Zakat Board explained that they handed the woman over to a nursing home according to official procedures and will be bearing the costs of her care.

In the same post, they also thanked members of the public who informed them about the woman, police officers, and the nursing home staff who helped them.

"Let's pray that this effort will be blessed by Allah and may this mother be taken care of with all the love," they wrote.

Earlier this month, the Selangor Zakat Board also helped a man who was abandoned at a surau by his family:

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