Study Ranks KL With Worst Work-Life Balance Among 40 Cities

Each city was ranked based on 20 factors related to work-life balance, including working hours and air pollution.

Cover image via Malaysia Tourism/New Straits Times (Edited by SAYS)

Kuala Lumpur scored the lowest results out of 40 cities in a recent study on work-life balance by US-based security system company Kisi

Among the 40 cities included in the study are Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington.

"The Best Cities for Work-Life Balance 2019 assesses a city's implementation of smarter working policies and their capacity to simultaneously equip residents with the ability to enjoy their leisure time," the report said.

Each city was scored out of 100 based on numerous factors. Kuala Lumpur scored one out of 100.

A city's score was determined by studying 20 factors related to work-life balance, including working hours and air pollution

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Based on the study's scoring of the various factors, Kuala Lumpur's score could have been affected by the various factors:

- 46-hour work weeks,
- 22% of the workforce work more than 48 hours per week,
- long commutes to work,
- low social spending,
- low accessibility to healthcare and mental health services,
- lack of gender and LGBT+ equality,
- high city stress due to dense population, transport, and infrastructure, climate, and economy,
- lack of public recreational green and park spaces, and
- higher percentage of air pollutants.

Additionally, the study placed Kuala Lumpur among the top five overworked cities

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Kuala Lumpur placed fourth in the list.

The other cities include Tokyo, Japan in first place, while Singapore ranked second and Washington, US in third place.

The poor state of mental healthcare in Malaysia has been getting more attention:

If you feel that you need to speak to someone, here are some places you could look at: