KyoChon Malaysia Says Authorities Have Detained Their Legal Foreign Workers Like Criminals

"The authorities ignored all pleas by our crew to prove their validity to work..."

Cover image via Best Restaurant To Eat & KyoChon

On Saturday night, 29 April, around 11pm, KyoChon Malaysia took to their official Facebook page to share the events of 28 April when during an Operasi at Pavilion KL, authorities raided their KyoChon 1991 store in Pavilion

A file photo of KyoChon 1991 at Pavilion

Image via Best Restaurant To Eat

In the Facebook post, which at the time of writing this story has garnered more than 1.4k Reactions and over 425 Shares, KyoChon Malaysia claims that authorities...

...first escorted all their foreign staff, predominantly from the Philippines, Nepal, and Myanmar, including a Malaysian citizen Manager, out of their store premises.

They were then "forced to squat by the roadside, handcuffed and treated like illegals and criminals alongside other foreigners from other tenants in Pavilion."

KyoChon, a South Korean fried chicken restaurant chain, whose outlet at Pavilion KL happens to be its world's largest outlet, further claims that their workers are "employed legally and possess valid working permits in Malaysia" and as such, KyoChon said, they do not deserve such treatment

"The authorities ignored all pleas by our crew to prove their validity to work and put them in detention nonetheless to undergo processing one by one.

"We are now informed that we are unable to rescue them until Tuesday, 2nd May 2017," reads the Facebook post by KyoChon.

KyoChon Malaysia has requested their customers to show "patience at our store until then as our service would be disrupted". They also sought prayers for the safe release of KyoChon's crew from the authorities "without harm".

This is a developing story. We will update it as we learn more about the incident.

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