People In The UK Are Sleeping On The Streets To Buy Plane Tickets To Malaysia

"Malaysia, we're coming for you!"

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A group of people were spotted camping outside in London and Manchester

Image via Travel Weekly

No, they were not camping out to buy iPhones, but to buy exclusive flight tickets to travel to Malaysia!

Backpacking holiday specialists STA Travel was offering an exclusive deal, selling return tickets from London to Langkawi in Malaysia for only GBP49 (RM275).

Only 49 tickets were available at each of STA Travel's store in London and Manchester on Thursday at 9am (UK local time). These cheap tickets are sold on a first come first served basis and limited to one per person.

These hopeful travellers, who are mostly students, were definitely prepared to rough it out and spend the night on the streets as they brought along extra pillows and duvets to keep themselves warm in their sleeping bags.

They started camping as early as Tuesday, two days before the sale.

Image via Travel Weekly

The harsh weathers conditions did not stop any of them from trying their luck to snap up those limited tickets

Thomas Gough (right) and Billie Green were the first two people in the London queue.

Image via Travel Weekly

Thomas Gough, 20, and Billie Green, 22, who were the first two people in the London queue, said that it was worth braving the "freezing" cold weather to get those discounted tickets.

"We found out about the sale at about midday on Monday and we came down as soon as we finished work. We plan to go travelling in June and now we are going to have two weeks in Langkawi and then get flights from there to Australia. I had never heard of Langkawi but it looks really nice in the pictures!" Gough told Travel Weekly.

Meanwhile, STA Travel said that it was not surprising to see people queueing outside the stores as they've seen such occurrences in the past when they offered similar deals

"We are very excited to be able to offer these incredible Malaysia Airlines fares to our customers."

"Langkawi boasts some of the world’s best beaches, wonderful wildlife and marine life and delicious local delicacies," STA Travel's UK manager, Tim Fryer told London daily Standard.

"Whether you just want to chill in Langkawi, team your time with a stay in Kuala Lumpur or use Langkawi as the springboard for a longer trip around south-east Asia, our exclusive GBP49 fare is the perfect way to start your adventure."

Looks like Malaysia will be welcoming some of these lucky travellers from the UK soon :)

Foreigners who came to Malaysia recently seemed to be really pleased with their travel experiences here:

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