Student Gets Schooled By Netizens After Complaining About Being Locked Out For Being Late

He and four other classmates were 15 minutes late due to heavy rain and terrible traffic.

  • Not every grievance should be aired on Facebook, as a student from a polytechnic school in Singapore would soon learn that lesson the hard way

    • In a post published on Monday, 8 January, the student claimed that a lecturer locked him and four other classmates out of the classroom because they were 15 minutes late due to a massive downpour and unusually heavy traffic that morning.

  • Left stranded outside the classroom, the student decided to vent his frustration on Facebook with photos of the lecturer who locked them out attached with the post

    • He also posted a wefie along with four other classmates who were also late for class.

  • The student's post spread wide enough that it was quickly picked up by a popular Singaporean portal. The issue soon went viral, sparking conflicting views among netizens.

    Some thought that the lecturer was "harsh" and "immature", as the students shouldn't be faulted for the unusually heavy rain:

  • However, most of the comments agreed with the lecturer's actions, pointing out that she had to "set an example" and be fair to the other students who made it to class on time

  • Some even chided the student for complaining on social media instead of resolving the matter internally or apologising for being late

  • The student has since removed the original post due to the backlash received, though he maintained that he and his classmates should be given the "benefit of the doubt" for being tardy due to unforeseen circumstances

  • Do you think the lecturer was too harsh in locking the students out of her class? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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