Legless Body Of A Man Found Inside A Bloodied Suitcase

Investigations are underway after the police found a dismembered body stuffed in a luggage bag near Jalan Besar.

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Legless Body In Suitcase: Two Pakistani Nationals Arrested For Murder

A picture of police lines cordoning off an area of Syed Alwi Road, where a body was found in a luggage

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In the span of less than six hours yesterday, two Pakistani men were nabbed as suspects in the case of the legless body found stuffed in a bloodied suitcase along Syed Alwi Road on Wednesday, and the victim’s legs were found in a luggage bag dumped at a cemetery nearby.

The victim is believed to be a 59-year-old Pakistani man, while the murder suspects are aged 25 and 43. It is unknown if the three are related.

Up till nearly noon yesterday, police officers were still canvassing residents and shopkeepers near where the body was found, showing them pictures of the two suspects. Only hours later, though, at 3pm, they nabbed the duo at a tourist lodge along Rowell Road, which is only two streets away from the gruesome find.

Meanwhile, the police have recovered a pair of legs belonging to the 59-year-old Pakistan national whose upper body was found in a luggage along Syed Alwi Road. In a statement on Friday, they said that the legs were found in the vicinity of Jalan Kubor. Yahoo Singapore understands that this took place between 8 and 9pm on Thursday.

A body without legs was found in a luggage at Syed Alwi Road on June 11, 2014.

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They added that the identities of the suspects and deceased were revealed to them within 24 hours of the police report being lodged. The police have classified the case as murder and the suspects will appear in court on Saturday. The upper body in the luggage was found by the police on Wednesday evening.

On 11 June 2014, a suitcase was found at Syed Alwi Road near Jalan Besar with a dismembered body inside

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The chilling discovery of a legless body stuffed in a bloodied luggage bag brought traffic along Syed Alwi Road to a standstill on Wednesday evening.

The police said they received a call at 6.04pm and found the dismembered body — understood to be male — in a luggage bag by the road. The case has been classified as unnatural death.

According to an eyewitness who alerted the police, he saw a man in his 70s being taken away in a police car, but this could not be confirmed

Cleaner Woo Shin Kwong, 57, said he was heading towards the train station after work when he saw the old man, dressed in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, trying to heave the luggage onto a shopping trolley with the help of two Indian men.

Mr Woo said he went towards them, intending to help, but was shocked to see bloodstains on the hands of the old man and the duo.

The eyewitness said he asked the old man what was inside the suitcase and was stunned by the reply, "He said in Hokkien, 'It's a dead body'"

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He added that as he was calling the police, the old man started walking away slowly. But Mr Woo gave chase and kept an eye on him until the police arrived. “I saw bloodstains on the road and on the luggage,” Mr Woo said in Mandarin. “There were also clothes near the luggage.”

According to a fruit seller, whose stall was three shops away from the horrific discovery, said that the two Indian men who had helped the old man later went to his shop asking to wash their blood-stained hands

The 56-year-old Lin Kok You said that at about 5pm, a rag-and-bone man had visited his shop and said there was a dead body outside. Mr Lin said he went to take a look and saw the luggage on the road, with blood leaking out.

For more than four hours last night, Criminal Investigation Department officers swarmed the area, collecting evidence in the wide cordon the police had set up

Curious onlookers continued streaming towards the area throughout the night, with many craning their necks to catch a glimpse of the scene. Others whipped out their mobile phones to try to snap pictures of the luggage.

Social media and online forums were abuzz with discussions about the gruesome discovery. A video showing two police officers opening the luggage was uploaded onto YouTube soon after the news broke. Police investigations are ongoing.

WATCH: The video of policemen opening the suitcase

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