Netizens Praise Lim Guan Eng For Halting Press Con In Respect Of The Azan

He was speaking to members of the media about the Tabung Harapan Fund.

Cover image via KiniTV

On Tuesday, 5 June, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng caught members of the media off guard when he halted a press conference mid-way in respect for the azan

Guan Eng was speaking to the press on issues pertaining to the Tabung Harapan Fund. As soon as he heard the azan being recited, he quickly wrapped up his sentence and requested for silence.

Image via KiniTV

"Why don't we wait for the prayer to pass?" he said, requesting reporters to hold off on asking questions. 

He waited for almost four minutes before resuming the press conference. 

The former Penang Chief Minister's gesture has been praised by netizens, with many commending him for being respectful of the Islamic faith

Image via KiniTV

Here's the full video:

Earlier this week, Guan Eng revealed that his ministry is filing a report against its own subsidiary over a RM9.4 billion scandal:

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