Local Anti-Vaxxer Spreads List Of Teachers & Falsely Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Killed Them

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said that he has asked MOH to lodge a report against the person.

Cover image via Berita Harian (Edited by SAYS)

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A local anti-vaxxer with a considerable following on Twitter has finally come under the scanner of Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin

It appears Khairy grew tired of the owner behind the Twitter handle @Khalids who allegedly has been spreading fake news against the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Malaysia for months now.

Taking to his official Twitter handle yesterday evening, 8 October, the Health Minister said that while there's a time to educate and engage, there is also a time to enforce the law.

"I have asked [Ministry of Health (MOH)] for a report to be lodged against @khalids with PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) & MCMC (the Communications and Multimedia Commission) for spreading fake news regarding COVID-19 vaccination. Enough lies," he tweeted while identifying and tagging the anti-vaxxer.

The said anti-vaxxer, following Khairy's tweet at 6pm yesterday, had reportedly deactivated his Twitter handle with over 16,000 followers

However, a check by SAYS today, 9 October, found that the Twitter handle, @khalids, is now active.

According to Malaysiakini, a MOH spokesperson informed journalists that the report against @khalids involves the circulation of a list of school teachers who recently died.

He has been falsely claiming that all the teachers had died due to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The tweet containing the list, still accessible on his Twitter account, has personal details such as the names of the teachers, their schools, date of their vaccinations, and death.

As his source, @khalids cites an anti-vaccine Telegram group called 'AEFI CASES - Covid Vaccines' — the same group that recently spread false information about local singer Fitri Haris's wife, Fazilah Omar.

Meanwhile, under @khalids' tweet containing the list of teachers, another person refuted his claim that they died due to the vaccine

The person, using the Twitter handle, @IntanFaziera5, is believed to be the daughter of one of the teachers.

"This data is wrong. My dad died not because of the vaccine. This data was taken from social media without even checking or seeking permission from our family. And he made his own assumption that my father died due to a vaccine. It is too much," @IntanFaziera5 replied to @khalids yesterday.

According to the daughter, her father died due to coronary artery disease and that her father had taken the first dose two months ago, but people have simply assumed that her father died because of the vaccine.

She also thanked Khairy for instructing MOH to lodge a report against @khalids.

In August, two siblings along with one of their friends lodged police reports in Ampang to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine:

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