KL Artist Done With Customer Who Only Offered RM10 For A Commission Painting For His GF

Besides being cheap, the man also wanted the artist to complete the painting in one day.

Cover image via @kazel_ (Instagram)

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A local artist recently shared how she dealt with a rude customer who was only willing to pay RM10 for a commissioned painting

Kazel Lim, a freelance artist based in Kuala Lumpur, shared the story on Instagram after curious netizens wanted to know more about the incident that occurred two months ago.

"These kind of customers really make me want to vomit blood," she wrote in Mandarin.

She said she was about to sleep after a long day of work when she received messages from a potential customer asking for a painting.

Lim and her artwork.

Image via @kazel_ (Instagram)

According to the screenshots, the man wanted Lim to draw him and his girlfriend on one of their holidays as a birthday surprise

However, the customer was already difficult from the beginning, for when Lim asked him for a reference photo, he asked her to find one herself on his Facebook page.

"It's a lot of trouble to choose," he said, when she asked him to pick a few for her.

The artist also asked him to choose a size for the art piece, suggesting that A5 or A4 would be best so that it would be easier for him to find a frame later.

But he replied, "I don't know these things, just help me choose the largest size, but make sure it is not too expensive, I don't have much money for this because I have to give her other gifts."

"I want the cheapest but largest piece," he said.

Ignoring Lim's explanation that larger-sized paintings would cost more, the man then requested for the painting to be completed by the next day

"Help me draw a photo when we were at the seaside, with the sun and the beach. You can find the photo yourself okay, I don't know how to choose. I want it tomorrow," he texted.

Calmly, Lim replied that paintings normally take her a few days to complete, so she does not take urgent orders.

To which he said, "I'll pay for it, help me choose a size."

Asking his budget, the man finally told Lim, "It was RM10, but I can add another RM10. I want a bigger one so you can draw more things on it."

Lim asked if he was serious, then declined the order and asked him to look for another artist

She explained, "I can't paint for this price. I use my time, energy, and experience to complete every piece of art. The amount of time spent and the money [you are offering] is not proportional."

However, the man then began to tell her off.

"What do you mean? Are you playing with me? We have been talking so long and now you are saying no? I don't have time to find someone else, you have to draw for me," he said.

"A lot of people don't have jobs now and I'm giving you a chance to earn money but you still hang high (too snobby) to sell? What kind of attitude is this? Many people want to earn money but they can't, you think a lot of people need art?" he continued to berate.

He then threatened that he will leave bad reviews on her Instagram and online store.

Done with the conversation, Lim drew him this:

"Alright. I just did your painting. It's free. Happy birthday to your girlfriend," was her last message to the rude customer.

Netizens have since flocked to Lim's post to commend her for handling the situation so gracefully

"Oh my God, I didn't expect you to still draw and give him a drawing. Best! He should pay for that masterpiece too," said an Instagram user.

Image via Instagram

"I pity the girlfriend. Hope she finds a better boyfriend," said another.

Image via Instagram

Another netizen said, "Oh my God, so rude this person. Glad you know your worth."

Image via Instagram

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