Local Woman Alleges Double Standard After More Maskless 'Karens' Spotted At KLCC

Under Malaysian health regulations, people are required to wear face masks in public.

Cover image via @adibahoj (Twitter)

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In a tweet yesterday, 17 November, a local woman called out the alleged double standard in enforcement of the mask mandate after she spotted two Caucasian women walking around KLCC Park without masks

The woman also tagged Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin in the tweet, which has since gone viral.

"So only Karens don't need to wear masks?" began the tweet, using the pejorative slang for an obnoxious, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way.

"I'm so angry because I am local and I follow the rules but this m*f* can simply walk without a mask? This is too much," she said, questioning if the KLCC area is filled with 'Karens' who disregard the law.

Under Malaysian health regulations, people are required to wear face masks in public.

She told SAYS that the reason she took to social media is to highlight how the authorities around KLCC seem to be only penalising locals

According to the local woman, she herself experienced this when she had briefly pulled down her mask to take a photo near the popular KLCC fountain with her baby but was allegedly stopped by the authorities.

"I was stopped by police saying that I can't do that. Even if I want to take a photo I've to wear my mask. So yesterday during my lunch break I bumped into these white women and they did not mask properly," she said, adding that she thinks it’s unfair because authorities aren’t telling them to put their masks on.

Following the tweet and public outcry, police released a statement saying that they have opened an investigation into the incident

Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Noor Dellhan Yahaya said that the investigation was initiated following the tweet that alleged double standard in the enforcement of the mask mandate.

"Investigations are being conducted and the investigation papers will be sent to the deputy public prosecutors office for further action," read the police statement posted on Polis KL Facebook page.

Prior to this, another Caucasian woman, who first refused to wear a mask at a Dior boutique in Suria KLCC and later at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), was slapped with two compounds totalling RM3,000:

She later released a video in which she mused about what "freedom" means and a bizarre appeal to Malaysians to 'rumah terbuka':

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