The Famous Burger & Lobster Is Opening Its First SEA Outlet In - OMG - Malaysia!

All the way from London!

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If you've always fancied dining in a restaurant with great food, look no further as the iconic Burger & Lobster from London is opening soon in Malaysia!

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This new outlet will be opened at the upcoming Sky Avenue Mall at Resorts World Genting, Pahang, which is next to First World Hotel Genting. It is expected to be one of the most happening venture for Malaysia's dining scene.

Although no official opening date has been announced yet, it has been speculated on social media that the eatery is set to open before the end of the year.

Malaysians are a privileged bunch as this is the first Burger & Lobster restaurant in Southeast Asia!

Back in 2011, four childhood friends who grew up in Moscow decided to start their own F&B business. They started from humble beginnings at an Irish pub in Mayfair, London by specialising in just one or two ingredients (no prizes for guessing what they specialise in).

Since then, Burger & Lobster has been growing its global portfolio by expanding in Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, New York and Stockholm, in addition to the 14 outlets all over the United Kingdom.

For more than one occasion, the movers and shakers of various industries have skipped Malaysia for our neighbours so it's rather exciting that a renowned franchise has chosen to expand to Malaysia first instead of other countries. Sorry, Singapore.

While there isn't much variety on the menu, fans know that this is the place-to-go for the ultimate burger and lobster meal

Perhaps Burger & Lobster understand that there are too many decisions to make in life, so they made life much simpler by offering only three items on the menu namely burger, lobster and lobster roll.

Patrons also have the option to add on chips and salads as sides.

The price starts from £10 (RM56).

You know that Burger & Lobster hold a certain high standard and certainly do not disappoint when you've heard of people who have lined up and waited for as long as two hours just for a table.

Image via Villamatella

It wouldn't be long before us Malaysians have this chance to have a taste of those yummy burgers and lobsters without needing to get on a plane

Burger & Lobster (Pahang, Malaysia) has been teasing fans on its Facebook page by posting several sneak peeks into what is happening behind the scenes as they gear up for the opening.

Keep yourself updated on the official opening date by following them here.

Are you excited for Burger & Lobster's opening in Malaysia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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