Boss Shares The Touching Reason His Employee Cooks Rice In The Office

Azri said he was left speechless.

Cover image via Azri Walter/Facebook & New Straits Times

A local entrepreneur recently shared a story on Facebook about one of his staff members, whom he found cooking rice in the office

Azri Walter, the entrepreneur, wrote that he found the young man, only known as Habil, hunched over a rice cooker behind a desk in the office one evening.

In his post, Azri wrote that he was initially confused as Habil had just earned RM1,000 that week and did not have to resort to such means to feed himself.

However, Azri was moved when Habil told him that he planned to give the money he had saved to his mother

"She didn't ask, but I feel bad for her. If I give her the money, she can use it to buy food and clothes for herself, as well as for my siblings," Habil explained.

Habil's father passed away a few years ago when he was 19 years old.

The family's circumstances after his father's demise forced him to leave his family in Kuala Lipis, Pahang and move to Kuala Lumpur to make a living.

Habil's story moved Azri so much that he gave him a hug and asked to join him for the meal

"I went downstairs to buy some food and joined him once again to have dinner," wrote Azri.

The entrepreneur further wrote that he was most touched when Habil added, "It's okay, sir. I do not know how much longer my mum will be around.

"While she's still here, I want to make her happy. I don't have anyone else to look after, so it's fine. After all, I'm good at making money on my own now."

Azri treated Habil to a meal a few days later.

Image via Azri Walter/Facebook

Azri said he was left speechless and ended the post with the lessons he learnt from Habil that evening

"Tonight I learnt that we shouldn't be stingy with our parents, especially our mothers," Azri wrote.

"We shouldn't be afraid to give money back to our mothers because God will always provide. To be blessed, we should treat our mothers well."

"Habil is right. Our mothers gave us everything that they could give when we were younger. Now that we are older, they may even give us things that we do not ask for," he continued.

"Let's do good for our parents. May our mothers be happy with us and may God bless us."

Facebook users were also touched by Habil's story, thanking Azri for sharing and praising Habil for being a filial son

A user wrote, "This is the best, sir. Send my regards to Habil. Our mothers' prayers shape us into who we are today."

"I wish Habil succeeds in life and continues to give back to his mother," said this user.

While this user wrote, "I shared this with my family on Whatsapp. I hope the children and my nieces and nephews remember this lesson."

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