28-Year-Old Malaysian Surprises His Sick Mum With A Dream Holiday She Had Given Up On

"Better to make our mothers happy while we still can. Love you, mak."

Cover image via Momas Hasif/Facebook

Recently, a man from Kota Tinggi, Johor shared on Facebook how he surprised his ailing mother with her dream holiday to Pulau Tioman

"I surprised mum with tickets for a three-day, two-night getaway," Muhammad Hasif Sharuddin wrote in his post on 5 October.

"Better to make our mothers happy while we still can. Love you, mak."

He revealed that his mother, Mimah Mahmud, had always wanted a beachside holiday.

However, she had to give it up when she fell sick two years ago.

According to mStar, the 66-year-old mother suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney problems.

Hasif, who is the youngest of her five children, had to empty his pockets to settle her medical bills.

The 28-year-old explained that life has been difficult because he was not able to keep a steady job for the last few years

However, things began to look up when he entered reality show 'Mikrofon Impian' in April this year. He succeeded in getting through to the second round of the singing competition in episode 10 and brought home a cash prize of RM10,000.

Moreover, he landed a full-time job two months ago and is grateful to finally have some savings to do something thoughtful for his mother.

"My mum gave birth to me and brought me up, why wouldn't I give back to my mother when all this time I couldn't due to money constraints?" he told mStar.

So Hasif made the arrangements for the holiday and surprised his mother one morning just as she was waking up

"She cried and laughed because she was so happy when she saw an envelope with tickets to Pulau Tioman," he said.

According to Malay Mail, the two enjoyed a variety of activities on the beautiful island, including riding bicycles, playing on swings, and enjoying local cuisine.

As an additional surprise to his mother, Hasif replaced a gold chain that Mimah had to pawn two years ago to pay rent and put food on the table for her family

His mum was touched after receiving the necklace that had a pendant engraved with a hibiscus on it, similar to the one she used to own.

"I've been meaning to replace it for a while now but I had no money, and it took time for me to find a pendant that had the same engraving," said Hasif.

"It wasn't just my mum that got teary about the necklace, even I cried."

Hasif, however, remains grounded.

According to him, no amount of thoughtful gestures could ever match up to the sacrifices his mother has made for him.

"What I did is not enough, but I am grateful because I've been waiting a long time for this moment and finally got to fulfill my mum's wish to go on a beach holiday," he said.

"She said it's the best when I bring her out to ride on a bicycle. I would do anything and everything for her."

His story touched several Facebook users, who praised him for being a filial son

A Facebook user was moved to tears when he read the post.

This user said that Hasif's mother was lucky to have a sweet son like him.

What a heartwarming story!

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