Kuching University Student Raises RM790 To Surprise Cleaning Lady With A New Watch

"I rarely do collections like this but this aunty is like a mother figure, always taking care of students so I consider her as my university mum."

Cover image via Twitter @madermn

A student from Sarawak decided to start a crowdfund last Wednesday, 25 September, to help his university campus cleaning lady after learning her watch was broken

Under the Twitter handle @madermn, the student known as Mahathir said the cleaning lady needed a new one after her watch became faulty while she was cleaning the college restrooms.

Her old watch had cost RM30 in a 'buy one, free one' deal.

As a result, she would often miss her ride home because she lost track of time.

The student giving the watch to the cleaning lady, whose identity was kept anonymous out of respect.

Image via Twitter @madermn

"She always asked about my watch because other students have recommended it to her but she can't afford it because she's a single mum," Mahathir explained.

"She told me she really wants a water-resistant watch because she cleans the toilets."

The kind-hearted student explained that he wanted to give the cleaning lady a new watch, but lacked the budget as he was still studying

Mahathir then proposed a crowdfunding project to his Twitter followers in order to buy a new watch for her.

"I rarely do collections like this but this aunty is like a mother figure, always taking care of students so I consider her as my university mum," he wrote.

Only a day after sharing details to his followers to contribute donations, Mahathir managed to raise more than RM790!

Mahathir posted screenshots of his bank account to show all the donations received.

Image via Twitter @madermn

Mahathir bought the watch for RM298 on Thursday night, 26 September, and gifted it to the cleaning lady the next morning when he saw her sweeping the floor after his classes.

She initially declined the gift but accepted it after some convincing that it was not from him alone, but from his Twitter friends and followers.

The cleaner, whose identity was kept anonymous out of respect, told Mahathir she was touched as it was the first time she received a watch as a gift

He even wrote a card to the cleaner on behalf of his Twitter friends.

With the balance money that he had collected, Mahathir bought kitchen supplies for the other cleaning ladies who are also single mothers and widows

He managed to buy enough supplies for eight cleaning ladies. Each bag of supplies contained rice, instant noodles, cooking oil, flour, and sugar.

He then gave the remaining cash to the ladies to spend on their children.

Watch the heartwarming moment below:

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