Kind Stranger Spots Pak Cik Stranded By The Roadside And Buys Petrol For Him

The uncle wanted to pay him for it but he refused the money.

Cover image via Twitter @belldybala_

It is always heartwarming to hear of Malaysians going out of their way to help those around them

A Twitter netizen recently shared of how she and her father were blessed with a kind gesture from a stranger.

On 27 June, Nurul Nabillah Najwa wrote on Twitter that she and her father were riding home on his motorbike after he picked her from a job interview.

Unfortunately, their bike ran out of petrol somewhere in Bukit Jalil.

Left stranded, the two then parked outside an apartment nearby to decide what to do next.

They thought of walking with the motorbike to the nearest petrol station, which was located quite far away. 

Her dad had also asked her to take an LRT home but she refused because she wanted to stay with him.

Just when they began walking to the petrol station, a Chinese man rushed out of the apartment and asked what had happened

After her father explained their situation, Nabillah wrote that the man offered to help her dad buy petrol even though he looked like he was in a rush.

Her dad then tried to pass him some money but the man replied, "Aiya after buying only ma".

He then came back 10 minutes later with a 'tong minyak' (barrel of petrol) estimated to have around RM7 worth of petrol.

Her dad tried to pay him RM5 but the man refused and said, "Tak payah saya tolong you hari ini nanti orang tolong saya punya" (It's okay, today I help you, another day someone else will help me instead).

Touched by the stranger's kind gesture, the girl ended her tweet thanking her dad for bringing her to the job interview and the uncle for helping them.

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