Singaporean Mosques Encourage Smokers To Quit By Trading In Cigarettes For Curry Puffs

The aim of the campaign is to highlight the costs of smoking on finances and health.

Cover image via Amrin Amin/Facebook

Mosques in Singapore are encouraging smokers to drop the habit by trading in their cigarette for a curry puff instead

The 'Puff For A Puff' initiative began on Friday, 28 June, and will last until mid-October, reported The Straits Times.

22 mosques in the country are taking part in it.

As part of the campaign, Muslim worshippers will be encouraged to trade in their cigarettes for a curry puff instead.

The campaign was launched with the aim of highlighting the cost of a puff on one's health and finances

The curry puff was used as part of the campaign, as it roughly costs the same as one cigarette stick.

In Singapore, a standard packet of 20 cigarettes costs roughly SGD14 (approximately RM43), which is SGD0.70 (RM2.15) per stick, reported The Straits Times.

The price of cigarettes in Singapore around 2016.

Image via The Straits Times

Additionally, the curry puffs given out as part of the initiative were healthier than the typical ones, as they were fried in oil with less saturated fat and made using wholegrain flour.

Singapore Health and Home Affairs senior parliamentary secretary Amrin Amin said the 'Puff For A Puff' booth will rotate its rounds at various mosques during the campaign period

Singapore Health and Home Affairs senior parliamentary secretary Amrin Amin collecting cigarette sticks from smokers.

Image via Amrin Amin/Facebook

"We are starting with mosques during Friday prayers, a convenient congregation point to focus anti-smoking messages to males," Amrin wrote on Facebook.

"More males than females in Singapore smoke. We will be going to other places to reach out to other groups."

Smoking is heavily regulated in Singapore, with the government even proposing cabins specially for smokers:

Kicking the smoking habit may be difficult, but here are some ways to start: