Man Shares How He Quit Smoking And Then Used The Money To Take His Wife & Son On A Holiday

An example of living healthy and doing good for your family.

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Earlier this week, a man from Taiwan took to his Facebook to share how he decided to quit smoking because of his kid

The Taiwanese man detailed his journey about how he quit smoking and then used the money he saved to take his family on a holiday trip overseas.

The man said that he decided to quit smoking the moment his kid was born because he wanted to give him a healthy environment and also make himself more healthy.

"I just started putting all the money I would have used on cigarettes into a box. I will put TWD50 (approx. RM6.60) into the box every time I wanted to buy cigarettes. Eventually, putting away TWD50 into the tin became a habit," the man wrote on his post.

Image via China Press

He picked up the habit of putting the cash he would have used for cigarettes into the box. Eventually, the man saved somewhere around TWD60k to TWD80k (RM8k to RM10k).

And in doing so, not only did the man win a healthy body, he used the money to bring his wife and kid to an overseas trip for their holiday, China Press reported.

He ended his Facebook post saying that even if he hadn't saved all the money that he did it would have been okay as long as he became healthy.

"I haven't been smoking in a while so nowadays whenever I smell smoke, I just move away from it," read his post, according to China Press.

Image via China Press

Well done, sir!

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Editor's note: The China Press story was translated for SAYS by writer Jia Vern Tham.

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