LUAS: Odour Pollution Detected Near The Saujana Residential Area In Rawang

No water disruption has been reported so far.

Cover image via Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (Facebook)

Odour pollution has been detected near the Saujana residential area in Rawang, Selangor around midnight on 14 November, the Selangor Water Management Board (LUAS) said in a statement earlier today

A sampling of Sungai Kundang water odour was made and found that odour pollution was detected at a rate of four TON while monitoring the Water Source Ops, LUAS said.

The Water Source Ops was carried by LUAS together with Air Selangor.

Investigations carried out by LUAS and Air Selangor at Taman Velox found that the reservoir area next to the drain near the Indah Water Consortium (IWK) sewage treatment plant has overflowed

They suspect the sewage treatment plant to be leaking due to heavy rain in nearby areas.

LUAS and Air Selangor have taken swift action by placing 14 bags of Activated Carbon (AC) at the outflow and in the reservoir that is suspected to be near the IWK sewage treatment plant.

No water disruption has been reported so far

According to LUAS, Indah Water Consortium are carrying out cleaning activities in the area.

"There is no halt on water treatment plant operations and no water disruption has been reported. We will inform if there are any updates from time to time," read the statement.

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