49YO Married Man Caught Taking Inappropriate Photos Of Women On MRT Without Their Consent

The man was confronted by a woman's boyfriend, who reported him to authorities.

Cover image via X

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A recent incident on the MRT Kajang line has raised concerns about sexual harassment when a man confronted a commuter for secretly taking photos of his girlfriend

According to the boyfriend, the incident occurred during an MRT ride from the Bukit Bintang station to the Bandar Utama station.

The couple noticed a man behaving suspiciously, seemingly taking pictures of the girlfriend without consent. They promptly responded by changing seats to ensure their safety.

However, the perpetrator disembarked at the same station as them, prompting the boyfriend to confront him.

"Unfortunately for him, he got off at the same station as us in Bandar Utama, and while he was topping up his Touch 'n Go, I confronted him. I brought him to the counter and said to the MRT staff that, 'Dia ni seakan-akan ambik gambar gf saya (He seemed to be taking photos of my girlfriend)'. My suspicions were right.

"In his gallery were pictures of my girlfriend, [which included] her face, and some other inappropriate pictures of other women. The MRT staff quickly contacted the auxiliary police and the case was directed to Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM)," he said in an X thread with over one million views.

A photo of the man who allegedly had inappropriate photos of women on his phone.

Image via X

The man offered his apologies to the couple, but the boyfriend remained unmoved

"When questioned by PDRM [officers at the scene], he said that he just got let off from work so he was not in the right state of mind. [The] a**hole really tried to use this card. After that, we went to the Mutiara Damansara police station to file an official report," the boyfriend wrote on X.

The police began an investigation but found insufficient motive to proceed with the case.

The couple then took matters into their own hands by deleting the photos from the man's phone.

"I checked everywhere on his phone for any more places where he could potentially hide more photos. My girlfriend also took the opportunity to lash out at the guy. I was disgusted to see that a married 49-year-old Malay Muslim man with kids has his Telegram filled with porn.

"The guy tried to apologise, saying, 'Saya mintak maaf tapi saya faham kalau saya tak dimaafkan (I apologise, but I'd understand if you don't forgive me)...'

"When we were satisfied with checking his phone, we left and PDRM conducted further investigations," he said.

The boyfriend said the incident left his partner traumatised, emphasising that she was not wearing anything revealing at the time of the incident

"I hope this thread can raise awareness about this issue, especially on public transport. I would like to thank the staff from MRT for helping us out. The staff also consoled my girlfriend and made sure she was okay while I was dealing with PDRM.

"To all the fathers, husbands, boyfriends, abangs, and guys, please please be alert of our surroundings. If you have any suspicions, just take action. I just could not live with the thought of my girlfriend's face [being] in a stranger's phone.

"It's a dangerous time with the existence of artificial intelligence. Please remember that and think long term. That is all from me, stay safe everyone," he concluded his post.

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