M'sian Daughter Receives RM15,000 In Donations After Desperate Plea For Help For Her Mum

Sudhashini Jayaraman told SAYS that philanthropist and community activist Datuk Seri R Jeyendran has helped to pay for her mother's medical bills and nursing home fees after learning about her plight.

Cover image via Sudhashini Jayaraman (Provided to SAYS)

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Sudhashini Jayaraman, who pleaded with members of the public for financial aid earlier this week, is thankful for the RM15,209 donation she received that will be spent to help her mother

Sudhashini reached out to SAYS on Tuesday, 21 June, and requested a favour to share her plight in an article.

The 32-year-old daughter of a mother suffering from acute limb ischaemia (ALI) said she only had two doses of medicine left for her mother as she did not have any money to buy more.

She provided a series of medical documents, bills, and photos to show the dire situation she is in to help her 70-year-old mother, Kamala Muthiah, who has a person with disabilities (OKU) card.

The story garnered over 880 likes and 300 shares on SAYS' Facebook page. Sudhashini's predicament was also reported on MalaysiaGazette.

Following her public cry for help, Sudhashini said she has received RM15,209 in donations in her bank account

She also told SAYS that philanthropist and community activist Datuk Seri R Jeyendran visited her after learning about her story on MalaysiaGazette and helped pay RM5,000 for many urgent needs.

"When we were left with only two doses of medicine, he came and helped me pay for medicine [and] dressing things. It almost cost RM2,000. He paid nursing home fees [of] RM2,000 and he promised to help long-term," she said.

Sudhashini confirmed with SAYS that the RM15,209 she received is not inclusive of the help she received from Jeyendran.

"I would like to thank everyone including SAYS, MalaysiaGazette, and Datuk Seri. [...] This is really a big help I will not forget," she related

"No peace and relaxation in my life for the past 15 years, I was suffering in my life because of my mum's sickness. Everyone said God won't come straight away and help, it will come through good people like you all who are helping me. Thank you so much, everyone."

"People still can donate to me, buy [diapers,] and milk powder for my mum as well. [...] And I still need an oxygen tank. If anyone has extra that is not used, can donate to me."

The storekeeper, who makes a RM8 per hour salary, said she could still ask for items as long as Jeyendran is informed about supplies so that there will not be any unwanted spending on the same necessity.

It is understood that Jeyendran will continue to pay for Kamala's medical expenses, which would cost over RM1,000 a month, but he is willing to do so as long as he goes through the bills himself.

Jeyendran will help until Kamala is out of the nursing home as there are other people who need help as well.

He is said to have encouraged Sudhashini to keep working, especially now when her mother is in a nursing home, and he wants her to be independent and recover from her depression.

Sudhashini had to pay a bill that cost up to RM528 even though her mum received treatment at a government hospital:

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