"I Only Have 2 Doses Of Medicine Left For My Mum" – Daughter Appeals To M'sians For Help

The 32-year-old daughter told SAYS that she is resorting to seeking help from the public after she can no longer support her mother due to crippling debt.

Cover image via Sudhashini Jayaraman (Provided to SAYS)

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Editor Note: Read the latest update here. Sudhashini Jayaraman has since received over RM15,000 in donations after this story was published.

A Malaysian daughter is desperate for financial help as she only has two remaining doses of medicine left for her mother who is suffering from acute limb ischaemia (ALI)

32-year-old Sudhashini Jayaraman reached out to SAYS today, 21 June, to share the plight she and her mother is facing.

Distraught, she provided a series of medical documents, bills, and photos to show the dire situation she is in to help her 70-year-old mother Kamala Muthiah, who has a person with disabilities (OKU) card.

A letter dated 5 May by the Putrajaya Hospital noted that Kamala is diagnosed with ALI, a condition where the sudden decrease in limb perfusion threatens the viability of the limb.

It is understood that she has undergone left above-knee amputation and wound debridement on 1 May, as well as three other procedures in April.

"Currently, her left lower limb is amputated, hence she is unable to ambulate independently, requiring aid for mobilisation. She also needs a caretaker to look after her during these difficult times as [the] patient is unable to carry out her daily activities by herself," the letter read.

"Her daughter (Sudhashini Jayaraman) is the only person around to take care of her. Kindly do the needful."

Speaking to SAYS, Sudhashini said it is just she and her mother. She has sought help through multiple avenues but not many have responded to her.

"We are suffering from so much debt because I couldn't leave my mum alone and work. [I] recently sent her to a nursing home," said the 32-year-old daughter, who just started working as a storekeeper with a RM8 per hour salary.

"Can I please get any financial help? I am suffering badly and have no one to support us. We both feel like wanna die with debts (sic)."

Sudhashini showed a RM528 bill to SAYS, adding, "We still have to buy the medicine."

When asked about the medical bill that costs a few hundred ringgit at the government hospital, she said she has to pay for the medicine as long as the bill is "above RM300 at the Putrajaya Hospital".

Sudhashini said these are some of the items that her mother needs in a month.

Image via Sudhashini Jayaraman (Provided to SAYS)

"Yes, they asked to buy the medicine, and the medicine letter given by the hospital for 15 days costs RM600," she said

"For medicine, dressing, pampers, and milk powder, I need RM4,000 per month."

"I badly need a wheelchair and a hospital bed for my mum. I need around RM10,000 and I can manage after that because I'm going to start [working] but my debts and house rental are pending so much as well."

She told SAYS that her plight is also published on MalaysiaGazette but she has only received RM100 so far.

She pleaded with members of the public for help urgently as she only has two doses of medicine left for her mother.

You can offer financial assistance to Sudhashini Jayaraman by transferring to her Public Bank account (account number: 4651263934).

You can also reach out to her at +6012-9281804 for more information.

Sudhashini has told SAYS that she has received over RM15,209 in donations following the publication of this story:

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