[VIDEO] Man's Feet Wedged Between 2 Floors Of A Building Due To Elevator Malfunction

A man from Penang who tried to use an elevator got into a nightmarish situation when the elevator malfunctioned.

Cover image via Balai Bomba Dan Penyelamat Jalan Perak (Facebook)

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A video showing a man's feet getting stuck between two floors in an elevator following a malfunction has gone viral on Facebook

The video posted on Kelab Info Malaysia Facebook page shows the elevator opening its doors and the man walking in.

Once the man has stepped into the elevator, it starts ascending immediately even before the door is closed.

The video shows the man tripping over the sudden movement. At that moment, his legs have yet to completely enter the elevator.

The elevator continues to move up, causing his legs to be trapped between the door and the shaft of the building.

The incident took place on the late night of 17 June. Jalan Perak Fire and Rescue Department received an emergency call about the matter and rushed to the scene.

According to the Facebook post by the Fire and Rescue Department, they confirmed that the elevator had indeed stopped and a man's feet were stuck on the elevator's door between the ground floor and the first floor.

The team was then immediately ordered to begin operation to free the man.

The man was safely freed from the elevator and taken to the hospital to receive further treatment.

The video capturing the man being stuck at the elevator can be found below:

Back in April, a CCTV footage caught a man falling to his death from an elevator shaft:

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