M'sian Dad Thanks Adibah Noor For Helping Him Buy Baby Items During MCO After Her Passing

The legendary singer and actress helped a cash-strapped father when the #BenderaPutih movement was in full swing in the country in July 2021.

Cover image via Berita Harian via The Straits Times & @jeppppppppppp_ (Twitter)

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A Malaysian father has extended his gratitude to late singer and actress Adibah Noor for helping him financially when he needed money to buy baby needs during the Movement Control Order (MCO)

After the nation learned about Adibah's passing on Saturday, 18 June, netizen Jefri El'Mansor thanked the local icon in a tweet because she "used to help our family".

Jefri attached an old tweet of his in the post, which read, "Sorry, my child. Dad has to use your Raya money to buy milk and diapers."

It is understood that Adibah reached out to the 33-year-old father after his tweet went viral on 25 July 2021. She offered him a helping hand to buy the necessities for his baby.

"Hi, please allow me to help top up the duit Raya of your child. Please let me know how much and your account number. Don't feel ashamed (about it), okay?" the actress messaged him on 26 July 2021

In July last year, the country experienced up to 17,000 daily cases of COVID-19 and was in partial lockdown.

At that time, social movement #BenderaPutih was in full swing in the country, with people putting up white flags to indicate that they need a helping hand or using the hashtag on social media to ask for help.

Adibah privately messaged Jefri to help him without any media attention or the purview of netizens. 

Jefri and his family.

Image via Harian Metro

"There are no words to address her kindness," Jefri told SAYS when asked about how he felt about Adibah's passing

"At first when I heard about her passing, my family and I really [were] shocked. It took us a few seconds to realise that she is not with us anymore."

Jefri did not reveal how much the late singer gave but told Harian Metro that the amount was a lot for him.

"I was surprised (when she messaged me) because we didn't follow each other on Twitter either. I made the tweet during the implementation of MCO. I was jobless at that time because I worked in the wedding industry," he told the Malay daily.

"I tweeted on 25 July last year, the deceased DM (direct messaged) me the next day. The deceased also said she could not help me on that day because she had reached the maximum bank transfer limit. This means the deceased had helped others before us."

Adibah passed away due to ovarian cancer at 7.45pm on Saturday, 18 June, at Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Following her passing, netizens and media outlets have conveyed their condolences to the legendary singer and actress.

A July 2020 news article about Adibah was also republished by Sinar Harian yesterday, 19 June, to commemorate the hardship she went through during the pandemic.

Adibah told members of the public at the time that she had to pawn her jewellery and sell her own house to survive, adding that she was not trying to get sympathy from netizens, but to remind them that MCO had affected everyone.

"I'm not ashamed to tell you that I am also experiencing financial difficulties. We are just trying to find our own way (to go through this period)," she said after she received many messages from the public asking for financial help.

At the funeral yesterday, Adibah's father said he did not know his daughter was battling stage four ovarian cancer:

The #BenderaPutih movement started in late June 2021 and the whole nation came together to help people in need through various voluntary donation efforts:

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