This KL Home-Based Food Business Is Offering Free Lunches For The Needy

Wongka has been donating to different care homes every week for the past four months.

Cover image via Wongka (Facebook)

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Editor’s note: Wongka is a non-halal business.

When he lost his job last year due to the pandemic, Bruce Wong took that leap into new territory and founded Wongka as a means to support his family

"When I lost my job to Covid (sic) last year, I was helpless as I needed to feed my two kids and a pregnant wife," he shared with this SAYS writer, adding, "I jumped into something that I have never done before."

Wong, the founder of Wongka Home Cooked Food, reveals that at the beginning of the venture, he only knew how to prepare one dish – phad kha praw, which he had learnt while living in Bangkok for two years. 

"I went from only being able to cook one dish to save my life, to now I am able to cook a variety of items, changing menus every week."

A glance of their Facebook page reveals the fare to be as varied as they are delicious, with highlights such as sambal petai prawns, the deliciously titled Wongka Nasi Lemak Sambal, and a variety of traditional Chinese dishes.

With his business now stable, he pledges to give back to society, donating to a different care home every week

Beginning around four months ago after his business had stabilised, Wong started a food donation programme with the motto "we must do what we can".

"Now that I am more stable and able to help society, I have decided to give all of my Saturdays for charity," he said, adding that every week he will select a different care home at random to cook for.

"I believe that everyone deserves a good meal, and a good and tasty meal will lighten up someone's day tremendously."

This is what I can do, and we do what we can to make someone's day.
Bruce Wong, Wongka Home Cooked Food

In response to the #BenderaPutih movement, Wong has pledged to give out free lunches to anyone who is in need

Posting on his personal Facebook, Wong said that if anyone is in need, they may get in touch and he will provide you with a free home-made lunch.

"At this moment I haven't reached a limit that I can't handle," mentions Wong. "But I am glad I posted this, as alot of my friends in the F&B (food and beverage) line has also followed suit. They too are cooking up stuff and sending them out, so I guess I will send out as much as I can!"

Anyone in need may kindly contact Wong on Wongka's Facebook page

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