Pasar Segar Co-Founder Offers Struggling Lorry Driver A Permanent Job

The grocery store's co-founder, Mastura, offered to pay for his lorry as well, in order to help the lorry driver get back on his feet.

Cover image via @awsqarny (Twitter)

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Many individuals have been going out of their way to help struggling citizens survive during this COVID-19 pandemic and Pasar Segar's co-founder is one of them

On Saturday, 3 July, Pasar Segar's head of corporate communication, Aws Qarny, tweeted about his boss, Mastura, helping out a seasonal lorry driver.

Aws said that the lorry driver — who often delivers goods to Pasar Segar — asked Mastura to assist him in applying for a moratorium as he was unable to pay for his lorry and his business was badly affected due to the pandemic.

"He (the lorry driver) had previously contacted the bank and was directed to apply for the moratorium online. But since he is not tech-savvy, he requested Kak Mastura's help," Aws said.

Aws told SAYS that they have known the lorry driver since 2019 and he has been delivering goods to them since 2020.

Upon seeing the tenure extensions and the final interest for his moratorium, the lorry driver sat down in shock

According to Aws, Mastura talked to the lorry driver and offered him a job as a permanent driver to transport goods from the port for Pasar Segar.

"Kak Mastura offered to pay for his lorry as well as salary for him to get back on his feet. She also taught him how to open a business account to apply for available government assistance," Aws added.

Aws said that he shared this story because there are many people out there who are not highly educated and tech-savvy, and these people need guidance.

He added, "We should help the underprivileged people in our society without seeing their race or religion. Now we can't hope on anyone else, only #KitaJagaKita."

Recently, the founders of Pasar Segar reached out to Ecoregion Holidays Sdn Bhd for a collaboration to offer delivery jobs to tourist drivers

According to Aws' tweet, these tourist driver uncles are so badly affected, that some of them cannot even renew their road tax and insurance.

"Even though they (the tourist drivers) are experts in KL roadways, not all of them (know how to) use the apps on their phones," he said.

"So Pasar Segar has offered to teach and provide training to those who are not tech-savvy."

Aws said that the times are tough for most people and those who have more income should remember to help those in need.

Last week, the rakyat came up with the #BenderaPutih movement to help people who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Since then, many businesses have offered to help out people who are struggling:

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