3-Year-Old Suffers From Drug Toxicity After Being Left In His Uncle's Care

The victim's mother rushed the boy to a nearby hospital after his face turned blue.

Cover image via Polis Kontinjen Kelantan (Facebook) & @jontyson/Unsplash

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Kelantan acting police chief Datuk Muhammad Zaki Harun was informed by a doctor from a hospital in Kuala Krai that a child was in critical condition after discovering drugs in his body at 5am on 19 June

According to New Straits Times, a team was immediately dispatched for investigation after receiving the report.

In the hospital report, the drug found in the three-year-old's body is believed to be methamphetamine.

According to Zaki, the mother mentioned that the boy was weak when he returned to their home in Kampung Sri Bintang on Saturday evening, 18 June.

"Her boy's face had also turned blue when he was sleeping. The mother immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital," he added.

The victim was later referred to Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital in Kota Bharu for further treatment. The boy is now suffering from drug toxicity, which occurs when a high dosage of drugs has been consumed.

The toddler was left in the care of his 30-year-old uncle, a drug addict, who was said to have brought the child to a drug port

"While in the care of his uncle, the child was believed to either be drugged or was left (unsupervised), which caused him to be exposed to drugs," Zaki said in a media press conference.

New Straits Times reported that the uncle had been remanded until 27 June under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code to assist in the investigation. 

Zaki also added that the case was being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of The Child Act 2001 for abandoning, neglecting, neglecting or exposing a child to danger and causing the child physical or emotional injury.

Reporters were told about the case during the press conference on the seizure of about RM200,000 worth of drugs.

Last month, three Malaysians were arrested for attempting to smuggle RM4.11 million worth of drugs in Singapore:

A former Malaysian diplomat was apprehended by police in May after being suspected of owning a cannabis farm in his Pahang home:

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