Young M'sian Dies By Suicide After Appearing Naked In Videos & Being Extorted RM1,000

The victim's mother decided to share the incident publicly to seek justice for her son, as well as warn other parents to be vigilant about their children's online activities.

Cover image via Kwong Wah Daily

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A 20-year-old Malaysian died by suicide after he was extorted RM1,000 for sending naked videos of himself to a woman who is believed to be part of a sextortion syndicate

According to China Press, the family learned about the cause of the suicide when they checked the victim's phone, where they found messages between him and the woman.

It is understood that the woman had successfully extorted RM1,000 from the victim, but she did not stop. She continued threatening him to wire another RM2,000 to her or the videos would be leaked online.

Based on a screenshot of the conversation between the victim and the syndicate, the latter can be seen threatening to send the videos to "over 100 contact numbers" at 9pm on 14 September.

The woman allegedly possessed the contact numbers of his friends and family members. She claimed that she knew where he stayed as well.

At 6am the next day, the victim was found dead in his room after his six-year-old nephew, who shared the same room, started crying because he could not leave the room for the toilet, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, 19 September, the victim's mother said she wants to fight for justice for her son and that she is not ashamed of the incident

"We don't think it's something shameful. We want justice for our son. We also hope to warn everyone against meeting friends online in this way," she said while she was joined by MCA Wangsa Maju division chairman Ng How Doo and her two elder sons.

The victim was from Gombak and had four siblings. He was the youngest in the family and would have celebrated his 21st birthday in October.

He used to work in the funeral industry before changing jobs to work in a hot pot restaurant.

The mother related that this year marks the third year since her husband's passing, adding that she didn't expect her youngest son to pass away like this.

"He loved me very much. He would accompany me at night and give me a massage before going to bed. He was also responsible for all the (daily) praying rituals at home. I don't need to worry about it," she told reporters while tearing up.

"At about 10pm (the night before), my son came to open my door in pyjamas and smiled at me. I asked him where he was going, but he closed the door without replying. I didn't think much about it."

MCA Wangsa Maju division chairman Ng How Doo (left) and the victim's mother (centre).

Image via Kwong Wah Daily

The victim's brother revealed that his younger brother had deleted most of the information related to the incident on the phone, making it difficult to figure out where his brother met the woman

According to him, the victim's phone had several dating apps.

The mother also admitted that some relatives and friends had received indecent videos of the victim, but she is not afraid to share the matter with the public, reported Sin Chew Daily.

She hopes that parents will stay vigilant about their young children's online activities, advising them to reduce their children's time spent on mobile phones to avoid their children being deceived by bad actors.

Image via China Press

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