Men Criticised For Hogging Seats & Impeding Walkway With Bicycles In MRT Ladies' Coach

"They must have sat there because it is connected to the lift, but it's still wrong because the bicycle should be at the back or front of the coach, not in the middle," wrote one user.

Cover image via @pedoqpop (X) & Lowyat Forum

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Over the weekend, a picture showing a group of men occupying the seats in the women's coach on the MRT gained widespread attention

The issue came to light when an X user, Pedoq, shared the picture of the men occupying the seats designated for women on the train.

The situation was particularly concerning as they not only violated the rules by sitting in the ladies' coach but also impeded the pathway with their bicycles.

Image via @pedoqpop (X)

At the time of writing, the post has garnered 1 million views, with netizens expressing their strong displeasure at the men's behaviour

One user wrote, "They must have sat in the women's coach because it's directly connected to the lift, but it's still wrong because the bicycle should be placed at the back or front of the coach, not blocking the middle.

"They're diligent to cycle for kilometres, but too lazy to drag the bike a bit to the end of the coach."

Image via @pedoqpop (X)

"Firstly, are they allowed to bring bicycles inside? Secondly, why did they enter the women's coach?" questioned one user.

In response to the previous user's question, another netizen wrote, "They can bring bicycles into the MRT during non-peak hours, but sit in the women's coach?

"Let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's their first time taking the MRT, and they are unaware of the gender division."

Image via @pedoqpop (X)

One user also attached an image of an announcement by MRT Corp, which states that passengers are only allowed to bring non-foldable bicycles onto the MRT during permissible hours

According to the poster, passengers are only allowed to bring their non-foldable bicycles onto the train from 6am to midnight on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Meanwhile, smaller two-wheel vehicles such as foldable bicycles and scooters are allowed on the train at non-peak hours on weekdays, namely from 10am to 3pm and 8pm to midnight on Mondays to Fridays.

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