M'sian Runs Into Trouble After RM404 Million Mysteriously Appears In Her Maybank Account

The customer's issue was resolved after she tagged several top Maybank officials in the comments section.

Cover image via The Malaysian Reserve & Hafidzah Abdullah (LinkedIn)

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A Malaysian discovered a 'windfall' of RM404 million in her Maybank account, but instead of becoming a multi-millionaire overnight, she went through the nightmare of having to visit the bank every day

In a LinkedIn post yesterday, 30 November, Hafidzah Abdullah, the director and co-founder of Malaysia HR Forum, quipped that while Maybank was trying to make its banking experience memorable, it might have taken things too far with the "glitch".

"Out of a sudden, I found my personal Maybank account has RM404,040,404.04.

"You'd think I hit the lottery, right? Well, not really. It is glitches!" she wrote.

She also said that Maybank proceeded to block her account without prior notification.

To unlock it, she had to visit the nearest Maybank branch, and she claimed that the process "took forever" to resolve a problem that was not her mistake to begin with.

"They say money can't buy happiness, but Maybank knows how to buy frustration," Hafidzah wrote

"Three days of Maybank glitches during the salary payout period is like a comedy of errors that no one finds funny.

"My personal account got blocked, the company account is unusable (Secure2u is not working), and visiting Maybank has become my new daily exercise routine," she added.

In the comments section, she tagged several top officers at Maybank, including its executive vice-president Shaikh Munir Ahmad.

Shaikh responded to the comment, initiating a conversation that eventually led to a phone call between both parties.

"Hafidzah Abdullah, we spoke. Thanks for taking my call earlier and pleasure speaking to you.

"We'll engage and discuss further through the bank's formal channel," Shaikh said.

Hafidzah thanked the Shaikh for personally taking his time out to explain the conundrum she faced.

Updating in the comments section a few hours later, she breathed a sight of relief and said that her problems had been resolved.

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