Maybank Introduces 'Kill Switch' To Instantly Deactivate Online Account & Prevent Fraud

Upon clicking the switch, you will instantly be logged out of all active sessions and blocked from further login attempts to safeguard your account.

Cover image via Maybank/Techmon Quay & HarakahDaily

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Maybank has just released a self-service security feature that allows you to protect your funds from online scams and enhance your banking security on the MAE app and Maybank2u website

Referred to as the Kill Switch, the feature was rolled out on 28 January as part of the establishment's ongoing initiative to enhance online security for its customers.

To describe it simply, the Kill Switch allows customers to immediately deactivate their M2U access on all devices, including activity through the Maybank2u website and MAE app.

The usage is primarily meant to be done if there are any suspicious activities going on in relation to the user's account or if they have been scammed.

During this deactivation period, account users will not be able to log into the Maybank2u website or app, or the MAE app as well.

Promotional photo of the Kill Switch feature.

Image via Maybank2u

Therefore, if by some unfortunate circumstance you feel there has been some suspicious activity on your account, here's what to do:

For the Maybank2u website
Step 1: Log in to
Step 2: Go to 'SETTINGS'
Step 3: Click 'SECURITY' and select 'Kill Switch'
Step 4: Under 'Deactivate M2U Access', click 'DEACTIVATE'
Step 5: Read the terms and click 'PROCEED'
Step 6: Click 'CONFIRM' to proceed

For the MAE app
Step 1: Launch the MAE app and tap 'More'
Step 2: Tap 'Kill Switch'
Step 3: Select 'Deactivate M2U Access'
Step 4: Read the terms and tap 'Deactivate Now'
Step 5: Tap 'Confirm' to proceed

After hitting the Kill Switch, account users will receive a push notification and SMS which will act as the notification for the deactivation. An attempted login will cause a message to be displayed notifying the user of the deactivation.

An example of the Kill Switch use on the Maybank app.

Image via SAYS

Once the Kill Switch is selected, customers may only access their MAE and Maybank2u applications after verifying their accounts at a Maybank physical branch or by visiting the Maybank Group Customer Care

If reactivation is not initiated by the user, the balance of money will still remain in the bank account. However, Maybank2u access will be terminated if the account is not reactivated within 12 months.

It is important to note that the Kill Switch does not affect physical card transactions, and customers may still withdraw cash from ATM or make in-person purchases with their debit and credit cards

Any recurring transactions will not be affected by the deactivation, and will be processed as usual, too. Patrons will also be able to receive money through their savings account when their Maybank2u access is deactivated.

Nonetheless, other online services such as cardless and contactless cash withdrawals will not be available.

In a comment reported by Berita Harian, Maybank's Group chief executive officer (Community Financial Services), Dato John Chong, said that customers can now take charge and protect their funds against any incidents they did not give consent to.

"As the number of online scams seem to still be on the rise, we need to acknowledge that scam prevention is everyone's responsibility and together we must aspire to eradicate it.

"Banks can only endeavour to introduce various advanced security measures to prevent and reduce online fraud. However, it is still up to the public and customers to play their role in continuously protecting themselves by ensuring their personal banking details are kept safe and never shared with a third party, either knowingly or unknowingly," he said.

Click here to find out more information on the Kill Switch feature and how to use it.

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